Ham Page

Mark - WB3JIS

I was first licensed as an amateur radio operator in the summer of 1976 at the age of 12.  I've been fortunate to be involved in many aspects of the hobby including radioteletype (RTTY), DXing, APRS, satellites, and everything in between.  I am past president of the Harrisburg Radio Amateurs' Club and an accredited Volunteer Examiner.

Roxanne is also licensed, holding callsign N3DMR.  Her original call was N3XUE but she obtained her present call as a vanity call, being my initials.  The original holder of N3DMR is a friend of Mark's so we knew it was a well-used call.

I started early!  

Icom 706MkIIG Mounting Project

I recently semi-mounted the head of my Icom 706 in our conversion van.  Key to the installation was a slot in the wooden cupholder/glove compartment assembly.  I fashioned an aluminum bracket to hold the Icom mounting bracket, and screws run through the aluminum piece down through the slot.  Weather stripping was used to protect all points where the bracket, screws, and washers meet the wooden fixture.  For a final touch I mounted a PC slot plate to one of the screws for a mic hanger.