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I greatly enjoy the convenience and utility of my John Deere 4110 compact utility tractor with backhoe.  It is my ready assistant with many chores around our property.  If you own this or a similar tractor you certainly understand, and I'll bet you encountered the same situation that prompted me to fabricate this tool holder.  On the last load of dirt / rocks / brush / whatever, you also want to take the tools back to the shed but the front end loader is filled with material to dump elsewhere.  For that reason I built a simple holder for a shovel, rack, or other long handled tool.  

My design criteria were simple: 

  • Simple design

  • Not too high or wide so as to impeded with driving in tight spaces

  • Avoiding drilling too many holes in the tractor  

The tool holder is simply a piece of PVC pipe mounted vertically on the backhoe platform.  The most time-consuming aspect was determining just where to mount it so as to meet the above requirements.  DA and I spent some time looking, thinking, holding shovels at various angles, and all that high minded pointed headed design work.

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(But if you are reading this then I assume you operate machinery and are still alive...)


Parts List

  • 4 foot length of 2 1/2" PVC pipe.  The inside diameter of this size pipe allows the handle of a tool to slip into it.

  • "L" bracket with a small bolt/washers/nut to go through the backhoe operator platform.  A 3" bolt to go through the L bracket and pipe, with its washers and nut

  • Small length of stiff wire, ideally vinyl coated


Simple.  Stand the PVC pipe vertically.  The bottom rests on the backhoe operator platform. The pipe conveniently slips between the wings of the ROPS bar hinge.  At the ROPS hinge fashion the stiff wire through the holes in the roll bar and wrap around the pipe.  See Figure 1.

Figure 1

At the bottom of the pipe, I mounted one leg of a small L bracket to the backhoe operator's platform.  See Figure 2.  This was the only hole that needed to be drilled in the tractor.  The other leg of the bracket stands vertically and contacts the pipe.  A bolt is run through the L bracket and all the way through the pipe.  This secures the bottom of the PVC pipe, catches the bottom of any tools, and provides a way for water to drain through the pipe.

That's it!  All the construction was simple, novice, amateur, and barely functional.  I make no claims to be a machinist - I just cobble stuff together and certainly won't quit my day job in information technology!

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