Before donating my model 19 to a military collector for installation in a communications truck, I recorded its rhythmic sounds to a WAV file. I didn't know why but it seemed like a beautiful, unique sound that should be captured. With the help of my friend and fellow Greenkeys member Doug, KA2WFT, I have edited this file into a few seconds of sound that makes a neat audible notification of incoming e-mail. I installed it at my office and have already received many grins and comments. Of course, that leads to me recounting my history with RTTY, how it started my career in information systems, and so forth.

You can listen to the file by clicking on the link below.  To download it, place your cursor over the link, right click, and select "Save Target As" on the pop-up menu.  Various platforms and browsers may work differently but this seems to work well with Windows-based machines and Internet Explorer.  If you'd like me to e-mail it to you just drop me a note at 

Comments and suggestions always welcome.  Enjoy!

Mark Robinson WB3JIS
Hummelstown, PA

Listen to TTY.WAV


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